High Pressure Burner 100,000 BTU Double Valve


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High Pressure Propane 2 Stage Burner Double Valve 100,000 BTU

High Output Dual Stage LPG Super Burner - Excellent as a Wok Burner - For Deep Frying - For Large Pots or Cazos for Carnitas

Dual Valve Super Propane Burner Dimensions Lbs
Does not Require Teflon Tape to connect Hose 23" x 13.5" x 5.8" (L x W x H) 18

"TO HOT" High Pressure 100,000 BTU Burner

  • Excellent Output for Quick Cooking Applications - Wok Cooking - Plenty Power To Spare.
  • Double Brass Valves for Separate Inner and Outer Burner Control
  • Separate Oxygen Ratio Adjusters - To Avoid Tarnishing your pots
  • Flame Output individually Adjustable From Very Low to High.
  • Easy Connect Quality Global High Pressure Hose and Regulator Easily Connects to Any Propane Tank.
  • Can Be set on Ground, Table or We Stock Metal Burner Stands Listed Below


  • This Burner is a High Pressure Burner it is very Powerful it Quickly can bring water to a Boil, Unlike Standard Burners
  • When connecting hose, no need to use any Teflon tape.
  • When you connect the hose to the tank and are ready to open the knob on your propane tank, make sure you open it slowly, so that not to much propane rushes into the regulator causing it to t freeze, where gas cannot flow through freely or none at all, . should this happen close the red regulator knob on the hose and re-open again *please note this red knob displays arrows to show you which way is On, its a reverse operation.
  • On the burner the knob on the left controls the inner circle flame and the knob on the right controls the larger outer flame. you can use both at once or you can just use one.
  • The burners best performance is achieved with the proper air mixture, it also prevents the tarnishing of your pots. To control the air mixture adjust the sprocket like washer that spins left or right, they are located behind the control knobs one on the left for the inner burner and one on the right for the larger outer burner; if this sprocket like washer is to closed the burner will be burning a bright yellow flame which is not the correct way to operate what you do is spin this washer like sprocket slowly to the open position to allow more air flow tt till the flame turns more blue, just don't go way past it that the burner turns OFF.
Replacement Hose and Burner Stands Here Below